Norwood Park

Hello! We're a group of Norwood Park neighbors working together with a citywide network of volunteers to support anyone in our community affected by COVID-19. Contact us at any time. You are not alone. 

⚠️ Get Help

Need someone to pick up groceries for you? Are you low on supplies? Need medication picked up? Interested in a phone check-in? Need a mask? We would love to help in any way we can. Just click the link or give us a call. 

✋ Give Help

If you’re interested in volunteering (even remotely!), please fill out this form. We're looking for people of varying skills, abilities, and availability. 

💬 Stay Connected

This page is a forum for neighbors looking to support each other. You can reach out for help, offer assistance, or just check in on your community. During this time of isolation, staying connected is mutual aid.

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T: 773-280-5180


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